Almost there!

Our Amy Christoffers Knitalong is about to start. The official cast on date is February 1, and we’ll go with whatever time zone you’re in, so as long as it’s sometime after 12:01 AM in your country, you can get knitting! Though I suggest sleeping, myself.

If you’re interested in joining, or already joined in via the previous blog post, please let me know if I may link to your blog, so we can have a running tally of everyone’s progress. Also, we do have a good discussion going on in the Sweater Odyssey Amy Christoffers Knitalong thread on Ravelry, so feel free to join in there!

I swatched for my Larch cardigan, and washed my swatch, though I didn’t block it much at all. Since there’s no lace pattern or anything that needs to open up, I decided to simply let the swatch dry and see how the yarn changed as a result of a simple dip in water. Well… it didn’t change at all. I don’t know what that means, but as my stitch gauge is really very close to the suggested gauge (24 stitches instead of 23 stitches), I think I’m just going to go with it. My row gauge a bit more off, 31 stitches instead of 29 stitches, but in this particular pattern, row gauge is a little less important than in others.


In the meantime, I’ve been working on my stripey socks, and I’ve discovered that I kind of hate knitting socks two at a time. While the appeal of knitting socks simultaneously is certainly present, the actual process becomes, for me, an exercise if tedium and fussiness. And since I’m planning to knit these until I run out of yarn, I’m afraid that the socks will become heavy on the single cable, as the sock that’s “on-deck” weighs down the entire cable while I’m trying to knit the other.


I tested out knitting two at a time on two-circular needles. I’d ever tried the two-circular method before, but here’s to adventure and learning and all that. This method was distributing the weight a little more evenly, but it’s fussy in a different way.


So as of last night I split the socks onto two different circular needles and am just busy working away on one sock at a time. If the process isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Friday Finds

It’s been a busy week for me, travelling to New York City and then being out of the office for work for two days. Did manage to get quite a bit of knitting done, so that’s good! Airplane travel makes for excellent knitting time.

  • Argo (€5) by Aoibhe Ni Shuilleabhain is a sweet crochet shawl with simple detail at the edging.

  • Outlaw ($7) by Preita Salyer is a hooded sweater with a beautiful textured design at the yoke and on the hood.

  • Monika Eckert’s Reeperbahn socks (€3.50) feature a fun twisted cable pattern in a delightfully tweedy fingering-weight yarn.

  • Another hooded sweater, Carine Lai’s’ The Archer ($7) features a front cable panel and waist ribbing.

  • When I was younger, I was obsessed with Marvin the Martian. I have Marvin the Martian on many, many items around my house still. So please, feel free to make me Rebecca Goldsmith’s Alien Hat ($5.95), inspired by that classic cartoon character.

  • Terri Kruse’s Foster is a beautiful asymmetrical cardigan with a front cable pattern and deep collar.

FO: Ignus Junior

I showed you very blurry photos of my Ignus Junior in progress last week. Unfortunately the photos don’t get much better, as my camera battery died (as it does when you forget to recharge it) and the monkey for whom it was intended (see below) was not feeling very cooperative when the sweater was finished and I wanted him to model it.


I do have finished photos, but they’re from my phone’s camera, so they’re not the greatest. This pattern is by Carol Feller, and is available for sale now for $5.95. I received it as a free pattern because I pre-ordered her Scrumptious Knits collection, and I love love love this pattern (and want to make the adult-sized Ignus for myself, but my stash does not allow for that at the present time). It’s a top down raglan with simple cable detail, and in the smallest of the Junior sizes, it’s a really fast knit.

Ignus Junior

The yarn has been discontinued—it’s Elsebeth Lavold’s Classic AL in the Spruce colorway. It’s an alpaca and wool blend with a lot of squishing power. I didn’t block it before I left, as it’s a bit too big on the monkey in question right now, and I suggested to his mother that she block it when it starts to get too small on him. Thankfully it’s still a bit chilly in their part of the world, so maybe he can wear it soon. Or maybe she’ll just need to block it by the time next winter comes around.

Ignus Junior

In the meantime, I’ve been chugging away on my stripey socks (as seen in yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday post), and will soon start swatching for my Larch cardigan! So excited to begin that knitalong.

Friday Finds

Flash and dash Friday Finds because I’m still recovering from last night’s endeavors with a friend.