It just feels good

Apologies for getting on a soapbox so early in our blogging relationship, but this is just how the timing happened.

I received my federal tax refund today, and getting extra money is always a good thing. I had made a promise to myself that when I got my tax refund, I would donate some of the money to charitable organizations. One of those organizations is Doctors Without Borders, on behalf of the Knitters Without Borders campaign.

I had numerous reasons for donating to Doctors Without Borders: because I think they try to do good works for people around the world; because I feel it’s important to recognize people who try to do good works for people around the world; because a little part of me feels like the YarnHarlot will be proud of me, in that “I don’t know this person at all but good on her” way; and because it just feels good to be able to give a little something.

Could I have found something (likely some yarn) to buy with that money? Of course. But I have yarn. There are people in other parts of the world who desperately need basic life-giving medicines and medicinal care in order to survive. So this is the better decision.

If you are considering giving money to a good cause, keep Doctors Without Borders in mind.


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