A Balancing Act

There are numerous adages and myths that revolve around the need for balance between good and evil, light and dark, chaos and harmony, etc. I don’t know if there’s one specifically related to crafting, but anyone who has ever chosen or felt called to making things by hand understands that there is a balance. Some projects make it to that place where they are done, finished, kaput, and you can’t wait to take them outside and run up to complete strangers saying “do you like what I’m wearing/holding/twirling about my head?” (hey, the twirling part could happen.)

Other projects make it to that place where they are done, finished, kaput, and so are you. Because they do not make you happy in anyway. Such is the fate of my poor Thistle Glove. Yes, singular, because the left glove will never be made.

I finished the right glove this afternoon. Knit everything, weaved in all the ends, turned it rightside out so I could try it on and, wow, I haven’t seen anything that anticlimactic in a really long time. Pretty much everything about that poor glove was just not working for it. It’s not the gloves fault. It’s not the yarn’s fault. I wouldn’t even say it’s my fault, although if you insist on assigning blame I suppose it does belong with me. The design theory was good, it just fell short once executed. Sort of like Marie Antoinette.

Sometimes the brain-finger filter doesn’t work, and I’m stupidly amused by that statement, so it’s staying.

Anyway, thank you to those of you who left comments on the glove. I really wish it had worked out, but these things happen.

To balance out the “bad” news, there is good news. I finished the Buzz Beret that I showed you pictures of the other day. It’s been drying for the last two days—sock weight yarn doubled plus a dense brioche pattern equals a whole lot of material for water to cling to. But it is almost done drying, and then it will be packed up and ready to go to D.C. with me. Hopefully I can get some FO shots of it in front of RED PANDAS. In the meantime, a close up of the pretty stitch pattern.

FO sneak peek

In other finished news, I finished my latest sewing project! It’s a camera bag and coordinating wallet.

Camera bag


These are both unfinished shots. I had to hand sew the lining into the exterior of the bag, and that actually didn’t take as long as I was afraid it would. And I absolutely LOVE the way it came out. I’m so excited to use it on my trip this week.

Now to get used to this whole time change thing. ‘Till next time, keep your heads up. And on.


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