I love swaps

Swaps are great. They encourage getting to know new people, as well as accumulating karmic participation points. You get to buy stuff, guilt-free, because it’s for someone else, and then, you get stuff and it’s guilt-free too, because you didn’t buy it. Really, swaps are great.

And they’re especially great when you have awesome swap partners. I am participating in a swap that revolves around the second of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, and it’s wrapping up. My swap partner Angela went above and beyond and did an amazing job.

Swag swag

I opened the box and there were so many little packages inside, it was unbelievable.

Swap swag

Candy, which is always good. I love Lindt truffles. These are dangerous to have in my house. But so worth it.

Swap swag

And there’s this pretty mug with the thistle on it. It looks so sweet and dainty, it’ll go perfect with the vanilla bean tea that she sent. I’m hoping it will approximate the elusive Earl Grey with Vanilla tea that I had once but cannot find anywhere since a friend sent it to me.

Swap swag

Pretty stitch markers on a giant pin (for some reason, I’m quite fascinated by the giant pin), a pretty dragonfly button, and a dragonfly marker that says “inspire” on the back. In the background is a little pocket mirror with music notes on the back.

Knitted bag

She also included a pretty knit bag that is rather cleverly constructed (I always have to deconstruct things in my head—if we’re ever in person and I’m staring at a sweater, that’s what’s going on). There’s also a bag of lavender seeds that I am determined to plant and somehow keep alive, as well as a yummy smelling bar of milk soap.

Colinette Jitterbug

And then, there’s the yarn. Mmm yarn. One skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Salty Dog. I have been pondering what this skein will become eventually, and I don’t have any solid answers yet, but that’s okay. Whatever it turns out to be, it will be gorgeous, and that project will always remind me of this fabulous swap and my generous and caring swap partner. Thanks so much, Angela!


One thought on “I love swaps

  1. I seem to have misplaced your email and now can’t find it. You have won a prize in my blog contest @ http://www.preita.com If you can email me your address I’m planning on sending out the packages monday 🙂
    pmsalyer at yahoo dot com

    hope to hear from ya soon!

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