Photographic lament

Oh, Florida weather.

Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State, but anyone who’s lived here long enough and perhaps visited frequently enough will be able to tell you that during the summer, it rains every. Single. Day. And I like the rain, and we apparently always need the rain when it happens (you’d think that, living at sea level and on glorified swamp land, we’d have enough moisture, but apparently not).

However, the constant raininess has its drawbacks. Like the fact that I can’t get good lighting after work for taking finished object or work in progress pictures. I have a pair of socks finished, and another pair just started, and lots of progress on my February Lady Sweater, but no photos to show for it.

And I hate making photo-less knitting posts. Knitting is incredibly visual and I feel like I should have visuals to share. Perhaps today will be the day, or some time this weekend.

In the meantime, I do have some yarn photographs I can share!

Fresh from the Cauldron

Fresh from the Cauldron Silk Sock in the Sookie Stackhouse colorway

Fresh from the Cauldron

Fresh from the Cauldron Silk Sock in the Debbie Pelt colorway

Dyed in the Wool Handmade

Dyed in the Wool Handmade fingering weight in the Daisy colorway

Dream in Color

Dream in Color Smooshy in the Purple Rain colorway. This is such a super deep purple that it frequently photographs way too dark, but I managed to capture the purple tint.

Dream in Color

Dream in Color Smooshy in the Romeo Blue colorway.

One of my knitting pals recently lamented the fact that she’d finished her February Lady Sweater. Her problem? Now she had to start something else. She much prefers to be in the middle of a project, or near the end, finishing it up. As dear as she is, I do think there’s something wrong with her, as I’ve never met a knitter who doesn’t have a constant, raging case of starteritis. I myself am trying, successfully for now, to fend off the need to have about five socks on needles (three of them are designs that are currently living in my head, which I think is part of the problem).

Maybe one day I will have those socks knit up, and it will stop raining long enough for me to show them to you.


4 thoughts on “Photographic lament

    • Squibstitcher wanted me to help her make a lightbox. I do want to make one for myself one of these days, but I am hoping that I will need all the cardboard boxes I can get for an upcoming move.

      Also, a lightbox wouldn’t help me out much with taking pictures of socks on my feet or a cardigan and would require a flash or some other strong light source, which I don’t really have (hence the preference for natural light). 😀

  1. I’m not that weird am I? I love the process of knitting something, but the actual cast on? Nope. I seem to make the most mistakes right at the beginning, and counting as I cast on has to be my biggest peeve. But once I get going, I love it 🙂
    Okay, maybe I’m a bit weird.


    • Haha, no you’re not that weird. I’m sure many people also love to be in the middle of a project and have it go along swimmingly. I just know a lot of people who also like the promise and anticipation of starting a new project, so hearing you say that you don’t like starting projects came as a surprise to me. 😀

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