All quiet on the knitting front

Well, the knitting has been happening, but I’ve been pushing to finish my February Lady Sweater, and not really taking pictures of things. However, I did finish it, and I snapped some pics of other projects today, so here we go!

Last weekend, which I thought was THE Knit in Public day, I met up with a couple of gal pals for some public knitting. First, I met up with my friend Angie at Barnes and Noble and bound off the bottom of my February Lady Sweater. Later that evening, my friend Amanda and I got together in Orlando for a bite to eat and some more public knitting. Since the sweater was rather bulky at that point, I grabbed some new yarn and needles and started a new project.

Gherkin's yarn

The yarn is handspun sportweight yarn by Gherkin’s Bucket. I won it as a prize for a Knit Along she had on her Ravelry board, and oh man. This yarn is SO SOFT. It’s knitting up so lovely. I wanted a fairly simple pattern to show off the colors, so it’s a simple 2×2 rib, slipping the knit stitches with the yarn in front every 3rd row. I’ll have to remember to take a picture of the foot so you can see the effect of the handspun at this gauge—it’s coming out with a lovely, heathered effect.


Progress continues on my Sunshine socks as well. I was knitting them two at a time, but the pattern calls for a shift of stitches for the heels. I couldn’t quickly figure out how to shift them while keeping them both on the needles, so I just took one off and am finishing them one at a time. I’m even farther now than this picture shows, and I hope to finish them both up by the end of the week.

Commissioned scarf

Another scarf like the one I made for my friend Kate. This is one of two scarves that were commissioned by a co-worker. It still needs to be washed and blocked, but I figured I’d do them both at the same time. Now I just have to finish the second scarf.

Fresh from the Cauldron

Some new yarns. This is Fresh from the Cauldron’s Silk sock in the Selene colorway. So pretty, I can’t wait to figure out what she wants to be.

Fresh from the Cauldron

More Fresh from the Cauldron, this is her Bamboo sock. The color is called “Music Sets My Soul on Fire,” and it really looks lovely with the sheen from the bamboo content in the yarn. It’s also really soft and silky.

Finally, a couple of sneak peek shots of my February Lady Sweater. Jen and I are getting together tomorrow to take some photos of sweaters we both recently finished, so very soon I’ll have full write up. These will just have to tide you over until then.

FLS detail

FLS detail


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