I can only have as many projects as I have needles, right?

The problem with this new job is that it constantly inspires me to knit. And, like most knitters, I have enough trouble keeping my raging starteritis under control at the best of times. I’ll have to try to not buy a million sets of needles, and then I can at least limit the number of projects on the needles to the number of needles that I have.

Unfortunately, I already have a lot of needles. Oops.

Daylight Socks

This sock needs to come off the circular needles so I can use them for another pair of socks. I know what you’re thinking: “Amy, you’re so close to the end, why would you take these off the needles?”

Daylight Socks

I have no more yarn. Well, I do have more yarn, it’s just that yarn is used for half of the other sock (long story regarding the knitting process on these socks), and since I’m sure I’ll run short on the second sock, I have to either find a little bit more of this yarn, or finish the last little bit in a contrasting color. And I do actually have some of this yarn (Koigu KPM) in another color, which would work out well for gauge and everything…but that yarn’s packed away in a storage container.

I suppose I could also start a new trend—almost finished socks. Leaves your toes available for wiggling and air circulation. It could be a hit.


I’m knitting these handspun (not by me) socks on a KnitPicks Harmony circular needle. I kind of love these needles. The joins are smooth and the wood is so lovely to knit with, especially considering the possibility for splitting that comes with a handspun yarn. But these needles and this sock are coming along nicely, I just need to get back in the swing of actually knitting them.


I also bought a few of the interchangeable Harmony needle tips and cables. I’ll be trying them out on a couple of upcoming projects, like Ysolda Teague’s Ishbel in Fresh From the Cauldron’s silk sock (the colorway is the exclusive Debbie Pelt). I’ve started knitting a swatch for it (and by that, I mean I cast on and knit one row before I got distracted by things like taking photos and eating dinner and going for a long walk with friends). I love the idea of using the interchangeables for a project like this, because I can just switch one of the tips to a larger size at the end for binding off.

Tweed Baby Blanket

I’ll also be using my interchangeables to knit Jared Flood’s Tweed Baby Blanket, using Rowan Felted Tweed. I realize this is probably not the best choice of yarn for a baby blanket, but I am not really sure that I care. This yarn has been calling to me since I got the idea of knitting this blanket for a friend who is expecting a baby boy in November, and so I’m doing it. I will just send along the instructions that she is not to tell me if something happens to it. (It says it’s machine washable, on the gentle/wool cycle, so it’ll be okay, right?)

Spud and Chloe Fine

Who knows what needles will be used or what pattern this Spud and Chloë Fine will turn into, but dear lord it is so pretty to look at. I stopped into a LYS after work on Friday to buy myself some celebratory yarn. The ladies at My Sister Knits were absolutely wonderful, and the store is fabulous. I had to resist the urge to pull yarn off the shelves, make a big pile, and then roll around in said pile. Thankfully, I behaved with comportment. And resisted the urge to buy more needles.


2 thoughts on “I can only have as many projects as I have needles, right?

  1. Amy, I’m amazed at how well you’ve settled into your new place. Of course, I had no doubt about it. You sound so happy, and your knitting is lovely, as always. I’m just a bit envious of your having a LYS, and all the things a knitter deserves.

    We miss you down here in steamy hot Florida. 🙂

    • Thanks Angie! The weather here is a knitter’s dream. 😀 If you and your menfolk ever decide to come visit some mountains, I hope you’ll drop me a line so we can meet up!

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