Pattern Overload

You know that phrase, “my eyes were bigger than my stomach?” I’m pretty sure my eyes are bigger than my hands, so to speak. Maybe I should say “my knitting needles.”

I feel like I have a million projects to do, and I’m looking forward so very, very much to this weekend, even though it’s not really a “fun” weekend. I’ll be finishing up the final stages of my Westerly move and settling into my very own apartment, just down the street from my friends’ house. I’ll get to have my yarn room (slash “library” slash “office” slash “guest room”) again! My kitty will be able to roam an entire house without worrying about crossing paths with curious dogs (who didn’t mean to frighten her the one time they met) or other cats (she seems to dislike other cats just as a matter of fact). I’ll get to sit in my cozy chair and make a mess in the living room with bits of yarn and pattern books and cat toys strewn about. You know, after I organize the movers and unpack the boxes and put everything away.

Soon, my pretties, soon.

Anyway, I have a number of projects on-deck (all links lead to Ravelry): finishing up my Ishbel (the work-in-progress photography for this shawl is uninspiring, shall we say, and so you will not be seeing it today), finishing up a second Sweet Honey Beret, finishing up some socks (a very kind lady on Ravelry responded to my query regarding some left over Koigu she seemed to have and so hopefully I’ll be able to finish those socks!), test knitting a sock pattern for one friend, test knitting some laceweight yarn for another friend, knitting a baby blanket, and then hopefully designing some patterns that have been percolating in my mind for a few weeks.

Funny how no matter what job I have, I’m always wishing I did not have to work, so I could spend more time knitting. Hm.

Speaking of work, my starteritis was most certainly not helped by the release of the new KnitScene. Once I came across a copy of it, I immediately favorited a lot of the patterns (I’ve somewhat stopped queuing things, as my Ravelry queue makes me feel a bit overwhelmed…).

Melissa Wehrle’s lovely Carnaby Street Pullover, Berkshire Dolman Sweater, and Emerald Isle Cardigan immediately went into the Favorites folder.

Kate Gagnon’s Hollywood Herringbone Pullover is straight-up starlet power, I simply have got to have my own version of Cecily Glowick MacDonald’s Indigo Banded Cardigan, and who doesn’t need their own pair of the comfy looking Freshman Cable Socks from Star Athena?

I’m also fangirling-but-running-out-of-steam-so-you’ll-have-to-look-these-up-for-pictures Robyn Chacula’s Crocheted Co-Ed Vest, Katya Wilsher’s Chevron Trinity Cardigan, Katie Himmelberg’s Maximum Stripe Pullover, and Matthew Gnagy’s Cecile Pullover (which isn’t in Ravelry yet…odd).

I just need about 4 more arms and I should be good to go!


2 thoughts on “Pattern Overload

    • Knitting at work should be mandatory for every job, if an employee knits. I know it helps calms me down and focus my mental acuities (whatsoever of those I might have) so I can be super productive. šŸ˜€

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