The socks that almost weren’t.

I started my Sunshine socks back in June. I’m usually a fairly quick sock knitter.

Sunshine socks

As you may remember from that previous post, I ran out of yarn on the first sock with merely a few more rounds to go in the toe. I attempted to use my searching skills to find someone on Ravelry who had scraps, but I didn’t have any luck. I was frustrated and so very, very close to shoving these socks in a drawer forever, or ripping them out to use the yarn for something else.

And then, someone on one of the destash and ISO boards on Raverly directed me to a woman who had scraps of this yarn listed in her stash. (I can’t quite figure out how I didn’t find her on my own, but it’s really okay.) I contacted the woman and she very graciously sent me her scraps, which she had been holding on to in order to make something with them. I promised her that I wouldn’t use much of the yarn, and I’d send it back to her as soon as I finished, and I sent a silent prayer of thanks in her direction when I finally grafted the toe of the first one.


And then, because the universe is not without its own sense of humor, I had extra yarn when I finished the second sock. I did the exact same number of repeats, and toe decreases, and the socks fit in the exact same way, so I’m trying to figure out exactly how this happened. My best guess is that for whatever reason, the first skein was a bit short on yardage, but I can’t quite bring myself to really care about the reason. Because these blasted socks are finished.

Sunshine socks


5 thoughts on “The socks that almost weren’t.

  1. your socks look awesome! I’m so glad that you found someone on ravelry (what would we ever do with out it?!) who could help! πŸ™‚

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