Come on Fall!

I’m from Florida. Our “Fall” is mostly just rain, rain, rain, with the possibility of lots of rain and really strong winds. None of the iconic images that come to mind when one thinks of Fall.

Yeah, that doesn’t happen in Florida. But now that I live in Colorado, I am anxiously, eagerly, with-bated-breathedly wishing that Fall would hurry up and get here. And it’s trying, it really is. This weekend is supposed to be much cooler than the weather has been, and this has me in mind of what one wears in cooler weather (Floridians tend to wear flip flops year around–it really made the whole sock knitting thing somewhat irrelevant.)

I have been adding patterns and projects to my favorites folder on Ravelry for a while, so I took a little bit of time to find some of my favorite favorite Cardigan patterns and decided to share with you. All links lead to Ravelry!

Phildar’s Cherry Jacket, made by Rav member Irinka-Kozulecha. I love the color and the buttons she chose, and it’s just a super cute little cardigan.

The Mrs. Darcy Cardigan designed by Mary Weaver. Okay so I might just be a sucker for anything related to Jane Austen, but I love the ribbing at the waist and the cuffs.

Courtney Kelley’s Tulip Cardigan is just so cute. I love the stranded colorwork in the yoke.

More colorwork, this time with Jenn Jarvis’s Argyle Jacket from the new Twist Collective. Simple, clean lines with a dash of argyle edging.

Katya Wilsher’s Chevron Trinity Cardigan from the newest KnitScene just looks comfy and cozy with a “varsity jacket-esque” edge.

I am absolutely in love with this super sweet Paletot Point de Broderie cardigan. The problem is, the pattern is in French. I’m going to attempt to translate it…eventually.

Hannah Fettig’s Featherweight Cardigan looks like the perfect transition piece between a warm day and a chilly evening. Plus, the pattern calls for Malabrigo Lace. Well, if you insist…

The Grotto Wrap by Karen D. Kendrick-Hands (Interweave Summer 2009) looks like another great transition piece, with a little bit of ethereal lightness added.

Speaking of ethereal, this cardigan by Sublime Yarns is actually called Ethereal. I love the shaping of the yoke and the bright yellow color is always a favorite.

And finally, who wouldn’t want to curl up on the couch wearing the Garter Yoke Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre (Knit.1, Fall/Winter 2008)? A cozy cardigan, a mug of cocoa, and my cat sleeping (hopefully peacefully) on my feet to keep them warm… sounds delightful.

I don’t think my mother reads my blog, and that’s probably a good thing right now. She’d probably get rather cranky that I’m talking about cardigans and cool weather when their A/C broke the other day.

So, what are you knitting in your neck of the woods? Preparing for the chilly weather, or trying to figure out how to stay cool?


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