Ice is cold and other revelations

Scraping ice off one’s windshield in the mornings before leaving for work is probably a pretty common winter occurrence in most parts of the world. I, however, like to bring my own spin to this chore by giggling my way through it, because it means that a) it’s cold and b) ice on the windshield is one step removed from snow (at least in my head).

Seriously. Scrape, scrape, scrape, accumulate bits of “shaved” ice all over the windshield, cue incredibly childish giggling. I’m new to this, bear with me.

The only problem that I have with all of this is that my hands get cold. You’d think I’d have thought that through before. If it’s cold enough for ice to form on all of my windows, my hood, the brake lights, etc., it’s likely cold enough to make me wish I had on gloves or mittens.

You would think.

This revelation of “hey! Ice is cold!” has coincided with a mass of mitten and glove patterns streaming through my Ravelry friends’ updates. Apparently I’m not the only one having this revelation. Or at least I’m not the only one thinking that these mittens and gloves might come in handy. (For the record, I do own three pairs of gloves, I just haven’t been cold enough frequently enough yet to put together the idea that I should put them on before I start trying to unearth my car.)

Some of my favorite hand-warming patterns that have been spotted on Ravelry of late:










1. Badlydrawndee’s Kissing Koi Mittens 2. Olgajazzy’s Firefox Gloves 3. Zigzagstitch’s End of May Mittens 4. Ysolda’s Snapdragon Flip Top Mittens 5. SpillyJane’s Ribbon Mittens 6. Ysolda’s Vintage Button Gloves 7. SpillyJane’s Willistead 8. Berkleegirl’s Lillyfield Mittens 9. YarnHarlot’s Frankenmittens


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