Baby Monkey Hat

Today marks one whole week since this little fellow came into the world and greeted his mom and dad, two of my best friends.

When I got the text that he had been born, I immediately knew that I had to make this hat (Rav link) for him, and I did. That night. In about 3 hours.


To say this is a quick project is a bit of an understatement. It is crochet, which is faster than knitting, but man. I was not expecting to finish it the same day I started it. The pattern is really easy to follow, and the yarn I worked with is a dream. I’m sorely tempted to make myself an adult-sized hat.

Pattern: Baby monkey hat
Yarn: Valley Yarns Lenox (camel) and Berocco Plush (white)
Hook: 5 mm (US H)
Modifications: not a one.

Lacking any wee ones handy, I had to improvise my modeled shot.


COMING SOON: Free scarf pattern, with a contest to win yarn to make the scarf; the lace project of DOOM that is finally starting to go my way; panicking about the proximity of the holidays and the lack of fundage/knitting time. Sweet.


7 thoughts on “Baby Monkey Hat

    • Hehehe, the color is “camel.” The yarn itself is alpaca and merino. 🙂 I do have some yarn that has some camel blended in, though. 🙂

      • Eek. oops!
        I’ve been a bit fiber crazy lately (me and my OCD about spinning) and camel is one of the exotic ones I’ve always wondered about, I saw that and got very excited lol. Let me know how your blended camel yarn turns out please?
        Alpaca and merino I imagine is going to feel like heaven on a tiny baby head.

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