Parallel Lines and a Contest

My first “real” design (“real” meaning “translated from my brain to the page”) saw it’s debut on Ravelry earlier this week. My Parallel Lines (PDF download; Rav link) scarf has been well-received (at least to my perception, being a first-time, no-name designer). I’m so happy that so many people are at least interested in an idea that started in my head and ended up a real project. This is a big deal to me, and I want to thank you for reading my blog and especially those of you who commented, favorited, or queued the pattern. I especially want to thank my test-knitter gals, Christy and Lois, and my friend Toni for helping me out with the photography. ::squishy hugs all around::

The idea for the pattern was born from a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park in September, when all the aspens were in their seasonal glory. Shots of gold, amber, and sunshine yellow dotted the mountains that are usually covered in green. I immediately set to work on this scarf when I got home (which would have annoyed my parents who were visiting at the time if they hadn’t had football to distract themselves). The stitch pattern is a variation of one found in an Italian stitch guide–I say “variation” because I’m not sure I’m doing it exactly right, as Italian stitch guides (and apparently patterns themselves) can be a bit iffy. That information comes from one of the Italian knitting groups on Ravelry, it is not my own observation.

Paralle Lines Scarf

The slant to the pattern comes from Left Twisting stitches. If you’ve never worked with twisted stitches, a brief explanation: twisting stitches is very similar to doing an itty, bitty cable pattern, where you’re knitting stitches out of order. A left-twisting stitch has you knitting the second stitch on a needle through the back loop, and then knitting the first stitch on the needle through the back loop. A right-twisting stitch does the same, except you’re knitting through the front of the loops, not the backs. I’m thinking about doing a mini-tutorial about twisting stitches, complete with pictures, so let me know if anyone’s interested in that.

Parallel Lines Scarf

The title “Parallel Lines” was inspired by the Blondie album of the same name. I like to name my projects after musical influences–many of my projects share names with songs that I like at the moment or that seem to fit the project. And this disclosure leads me to some more news: the first ever Threadpanda contest!

Leave a comment to this post, telling me about a favorite album of yours. One from your childhood, one that you’ve listened to over and over to the point of wearing it out, whatever. No comments that only say “Hi.” The contest will be open until Friday, November 13, 2009, at which point I’ll use a magical Random Number Generator to determine a winner.

Can’t have a contest without a prize, right? The winner of the Parallel Lines contest will receive two skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, the same yarn I used to knit the scarf. (It’s aztec turquoise; I have a picture of it but I didn’t get a chance to upload it yet and I’m impatient. I’ll post it later.) Disclosure and disclaimer: Yarn was purchased at a LYS, as I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Brown Sheep or any of its distributors.

Please please please, let me know what you think about the pattern, if you have any questions, if you want to be entered into the contest, whatever. Knit on!