Prelude to the Holidays

Trees are for eating, yes?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sure you all know what’s going on — Gift Knitting. I can’t show you most of it, but I can show you my mother’s scarf. The one that she asked for, determined the color for, etc., so the one that she knows she’s getting.

Mom's Scarf

The pattern is the Red Herring Scarf (Rav link) at CogKnition, and the yarn is Cascade Lana D’oro, a super soft blend of wool and alpaca. I’ve used one skein already and it’s about 26″.

I can also share with you pictures of my Print o’ the Wave Stole, which is in hibernation until Gift Knitting has been finished.

Print o' the Wave stole

I’m really kind of sad about not being able to work on it anymore for the time being, because I’m almost half way done with the body, but it will be there waiting for me when I’m done with gift knitting.

Finally, I did some spinning!


That’s Gherkin’s Bucket‘s Unfurling Cream Superwash merino roving. It’s about 65 yards, give or take, it ranges from heavy fingering to bulky weight, it’s lumpy and inconsistent and I kind of love it because it’s all mine.

What are you working on now?