Settling in

I am settling into my parents’ house in Florida (where it is most annoyingly in the 70s; Colorado’s been hit with yet another snow storm, so I gave up my White Christmas afterall). The journey here was incredibly annoying though not nearly as bad as it could have been. My connecting flight from Atlanta was moved from one terminal to another, delayed, the cancelled, then reinstated without a departure time, then moved to another gate, then delayed, and finally I got into Tampa roughly five hours later than I should have. Like I said, it could have been much, much worse.

For instance, I could have been stuck there the whole time with absolutely no knitting whatsoever. Thankfully, I had had the foresight and brain power to think “hey, bring those socks that have been hibernating for a few months, let’s see if we can’t make more headway on them.”


That picture was taken a few months ago, and that’s right about the point that I stopped knitting it—primarily because I needed the long circular for something else and I just switched it out for a few DPNs.

Well, now the second sock is at the same point that first one was. I finished the first sock on the flight from Denver to Atlanta, and began the second one while sitting in the Atlanta airport, and as of last night, I have 12 more pattern repeats and 10 or so cuff rows to go and I’ll be finished.

Tendonitis is also settling in, I think. Or it’s a combination of overuse on my left wrist and sleeping funny. (I’m truly baffled as to why my left wrist is giving me problems, because I’m a thrower.)

My bigger concern is running out of yarn. Not for the socks, the socks will have left overs, but I only brought three projects, all socks, but the other two are children’s socks. And one of those is a worsted weight yarn. Even with trying to take breaks and doing family things (though I can talk and knit at the same time, so I still get stuff done), I’m desperately afraid I’ll run out of projects and have nothing to work on for the flight home.

So yesterday I called my preferred dealer (yarn dealer, people) who lives in Melbourne and took care of that problem. When I get together with her next week, I will happily have new yarn! And probably new socks not long after that.

Why hello, sock knitting mojo, apparently you’re settling in, too.


2 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. I love that you called in a yarn order to Jen. You are so awesome.

    I ran out of yarn once on a trip, so now I always worry about running out of projects, and consequently pack far more than I could ever knit. Better safe than sorry! 😉

    • Well, it was sort of accidental. I’d called her to solidify plans for meeting up and was lamenting my lack of yarn, and she said something like “you know… I dye yarn.” Which I had thought of, but I knew she was going to be in Orlando for a few days and didn’t think she’d have time… yeah.

      I didn’t intend to run out of yarn, but I also didn’t intend to a) finish one sock on the plane from Denver to Atlanta and b) get stuck in Atlanta. Now I know better.

      OH GOD, if my family goes on the trip to Europe next summer, what will I do? Do you know how long the flights are?! 😉

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