The new bane: stockinette!

Would it be weird for me to have the body of my Owls sweater in stockinette and do the sleeves in seed stitch or something? Because DEAR LORD, I’m hating stockinette right now. I almost want to purl. And I hate purling.

Owls sweater

Obviously, having already started on one of the sleeves, I won’t be doing any drastic stitches, but I kind of want to cry at the thought of doing a small stockinette tube for 20 or so inches (I have long arms), and then doing another one. Once those are done, though, I can get to the owls and the sweater will be so close to finished. I CAN DO IT. I KNOW I CAN.

Anyone want to work on some sleeves?

On the flip side, I’m loving the way the lace is working up in my Quill Lace socks.

Quill Lace Sock

I’ve got one sock done and I’m about half-way through the leg of the other sock. It works up really fast and I’m loving the fabric and the colors.

Two points of interest (to me):
• I started a group on Ravelry, called 2010: A Sweater Odyssey. The overall goal is to be a support group for anyone wanting to make a full-sized, adult garment in 2010. The challenge (and optional) goal is to knit or crochet 6 adult-sized sweaters in 2010. I think I mentioned that I’d set that goal for myself, but then I started dragging other people in. So I’m going to try and turn Saturdays in to Sweaterdays, in which I post about my progress on my sweaters. This will a) keep me going on my sweaters and b) make sure that I keep posting and documenting my progress. I apologize in advance for endless photos of half-finished sweaters.
• Many of you already know, but Ravelry has joined the efforts to provide some sort of relief to the people of Haiti, and has set up a page in which designers can donate a portion of all proceeds from pattern sales to relief organizations (all links go to Ravelry). Earlier this morning there were 24 pages of such patterns; as of publishing this entry, there are 26. Designers like Connie Chang Chinchio, Ysolda Teague, Kristen Rengren, Carol Feller and many, many others have all offered their patterns to this cause. The Yarn Harlot has also activated the Knit Signal and struck up the Knitters Without Borders standard again (I don’t think it ever goes down, actually, but sometimes it seems to snap in the breeze a bit more). There are lots of ways to help; I donated to DWB last year after I received my tax refund, and I hope I can do something like that again.

(Speaking of Connie Chang Chinchio, did you check out her pattern collection in the preview of the upcoming KnitScene? Sweeeeeet.)

I should probably go home and get back to the stockinette monster. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “The new bane: stockinette!

  1. Thanks for the RT this morning. And thanks for the compliment on my Knitscene pattern collection. I’m so glad you’re liking it. It’s been hard keeping it under wraps. I like to share; so knitting and designing for publication is always an exercise in frustration for me 😉

    • Considering I work at Interweave, I can well understand the impatient frustration. I always want to tell people about the awesome stuff that’s coming up, but I can’t. 😀

      And your collection in KnitScene is completely awesome—it’s getting so much well-deserved love!

  2. Fantastic sounding group.
    I’ll only be doing at most 2 sweaters this year that I have _planned_ (though naturally, that is always subject to change on a knitters whim lol)
    As far as the Stockinette section.. I have been debating that if I do that sweater, if perhaps I wanted to do it in seed stitch, or a ribbing.. or something.
    The only sweater I have planned beyond the one I’m working on right now, will be nothing but Stockinette.. and so I don’t know if I could handle another one any time after that in any small time frame. lol.
    It has been absolutely remarkable how knitters (et all) are banding together. Makes me proud to be a part of the community. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to donate something..

    Love the Zombie Socks. It’s actually making me want to get that yarn now which I wasn’t sold on before.

    • I will say that the stockinette on the owls sweater is “okay” in that it does use a bulky yarn.

      I’m so pleased to see all the numbers being thrown around, indicating what people have been able to donate. I’m counting pennies to see if there are some patterns I can afford, myself! 😀

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