Sweaterday: Almost there!

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I’m so close to finishing my Owls sweater. This morning I finished up the owl, yoke, and neckband and then wove in all my ends and blocked it! Well, it’s blocking now, so these photos are pre-end weaving.

Owls sweater, pre-eyes

I’M SO GLAD IT FITS. I was worried about the shoulders—I have slightly broad shoulders for my proportions, so that’s always an issue, but it worked out just fine! I’ve listed this as “done” in Ravelry, because the knitting on it is entirely done, and I don’t have to add the button eyes, even though I really do want to.

Owls sweater, pre-eyes

I’ll do a full write up on the sweater next Saturday, hopefully with better pictures and buttons!

So I’m starting to think about my next sweater. No, I’m not one to rest on my laurels, but I want to keep the momentum going. I had a lot of fun knitting this sweater—okay that might be an exaggeration. I had a lot of fun thinking about wearing this sweater; how the owls will look just so, their little button-y eyes peeking out against the cream cable stitches; what I’ll wear with the sweater; do I have jewelry worthy of this sweater? Things like that. I didn’t dislike knitting the sweater, but I think by now we all know my feelings on giant tubes of stockinette stitch (they’re not favorable).

I’ve got a few other things to finish up in the meantime, but I hope to start on my new sweater by Feb 1 at the latest. But I can’t decide which one! So I’m turning to you, friends and readers, for your advice and opinions. I’m considering four different sweaters (I’ve got a fifth and sixth on the backburners, but I know I’m not quite at the point where I must knit them now); below are images of the sweaters and my comments and thoughts.

Candy Stripe Jacket by Cheryl Nelson for Spud and Chloë. Pros: UH, super super cute, nice seed stitch detailing on the shoulders, adorable contrast color “piping”. Cons: STOCKINETTE. Also, it’s knit in pieces, I think, and I’m not sure I’m ready to jump into all that seaming and not being able to try it on as I go.

Jacket 103-1 by Drops. Pros: I’ve been coveting this for a while, it looks so snuggly and soft! Plus I may be able to wear it for a good while longer. Cons: Again with the stockinette and the seaming.

Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. Pros: It looks like it would be another quick knit, and would make a great layering piece while winter transitions into spring (which I’ve heard can take a while up here). Cons: NOTHING BUT STOCKINETTE (minus the ribbing band).

Vivian by Ysolda Teague. Pros: NO STOCKINETTE. Worked mostly in the round. Cons: I’m a bit intimidated by the idea of inserting a zipper and there is a lot of cabling and seed stitch.

I’ve got a poll here (the fancy WordPress feature I was telling you about; feed readers, click here to visit the blog and cast your ballot). You have until January 31 to rally around your favorite, and you can vote as many times as you want!

Which sweater should Amy knit next?


6 thoughts on “Sweaterday: Almost there!

  1. I am currently doing the Vivian. And it’s not knit in the round, it’s knit in one piece, but certainly not in the round. (Which is handy because you can use either circs or straights. Personally I’m using circs.)
    I personally didn’t want to deal with a zipper, also the zipper wasn’t going to do for the fact that this shall be my wedding cardigan. So I’m doing an after thought button band. (I made sure that my measurements were just right with the button band.)
    I am currently loving the pattern once I wrapped my head around it (I still feel like a Noob at times)
    I vote Vivian!

  2. The owls are lovely! It makes me want to rip my needles out of my current sweater and cast on. But, yeah, the stockinette. Still, I just might have to.

  3. Owls looks amazing!
    (I think I’ve said that on Rav already, but it bears repeating here.)

    I voted for the Whisper Cardi. ‘Cause I want to make one, but I want you to make it first so I can learn from you. 😉

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