FO: Owls sweater

So yeah. On Sweaterday (Saturday), I got busy and lost track of time and didn’t post. Rinse repeat for Sunday and Monday. Aaaaand I don’t have any new pictures either. But I figured I should probably go ahead and just post my modifications and whatnot so we can all move on with our lives. Okay, so I can move on.

Owls sweater, pre-eyes

Look! You can see where I changed yarns in the arms. Not so much once I sewed in all the ends and blocked! Use your imagination.


Also, I wussed out chose the minimalist option for the eyes and only gave one of the owls the gift of sight. But I really rather like it this way!

• After discussing the sweater with a few other folks, I decided to add some length to the body and sleeves, as I am tall and therefore have a longish torso. I did 2½” of ribbing at the bottom and worked for 3½” before beginning the decreases. My overall body length, from hem to armpit, was about 21″. I did a similar process to the arms, and the overall arm length from hem to armpit was about 23″.
• Speaking of decreases, I moved the decreases from the back to the sides. I think this was a good move and would recommend it for any other curvaceous gal out there who’s knitting this seater; having the extra nipping on the sides emphasizes the waist.
• While I didn’t do it for this sweater, if I make this again I’ll probably add a few more rows to the neckline (it’s entirely likely this has been edited in the revised version, available for sale at Kate Davies’s site, as well as on Ravelry).

And for the record:
Pattern: o w l s by Kate Davies in size XL
Yarn: Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds in Bluefaced Leicester, approximately 5.5 skeins, and Steel Grey Suffolk, approximately 1 skein
Needles: Size 10, 10½, and 11, as called for in the pattern.
Gauge:…I wrote this down in a notebook that is inconveniently at home, so I’ll have to get back to you.


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