Sweaterday: La Vivian

Things just sound better with a foreign language article placed in front of them, don’t they? Maybe that’s just me.

So, I did begin my Vivian, and I’ve made it 40 rows so far. This is more exciting to photograph, it just requires me remembering to photograph it and talk about it on Saturdays so that I can stick to my Sweaterday-posting rules. Also, if I photograph it on the weekends, you get better pictures than this.

Vivian in progress

Can I somehow merge the long days full of natural light with the temperatures of winter? I know, I’m crazy, but I like the colder weather yet desperately miss the lighting!

I complained a bit about the endless stockinette on the Owls sweater, and while I certainly don’t miss some plain stockinette (yet), this sweater is a bit mind-boggling at first. However, it becomes more intuitive and as long as I check each chart before starting a right-side row, I can zip along (there are SIX CHARTS for the body alone; really only three different “kinds” of charts, but still). The waist shaping I’m doing now is helping it zip along even faster; fewer stitches=shorter rows!

I have another couple of days to put in some serious time on the cardigan before the Ravelympics start. I’m on two teams and I’ve got two projects lined up and ready to go, but neither of them are this sweater. So until they’re done, or until the Ravelympics are over, the sweater goes into a slight hibernation.

My plan for the Ravelympics is to finally knit my Swallowtail Shawl, which I imagine will be a relatively quick knit (please don’t disabuse me of this idea at the moment), as well as knitting my Bandelier socks, which I imagine will not be quick. But I’ll be glad to have them both done (see, optimism) and I’m itching to get started!


4 thoughts on “Sweaterday: La Vivian

  1. Your Vivian is looking fab.

    I myself have been having problems with the decreases, but I’m making it work. The next Vivian I do I’ll keep redoing those darn decreases till they are right the first time.
    This current Vivian… I don’t have the time to keep redoing that section.

    • What sort of problems are you having? I sort of ignored the directions when I switched the 2 purl columns on either side of the seed stitch back and did p2tog and ssp instead of k2tog and ssk.

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