A good day for knitwear

I tried something new yesterday—sledding. Florida doesn’t really have hills and definitely doesn’t have snow, and my family was never one for traveling much in the winter, so I’d never really had a chance to try out snow sports like sledding.

I've heard this is supposed to be fun

So it would have been a great day to wear handknit gear, and indeed my friend Laura took her Rose Red beret and Dollar-and-a-Half Cardi out for a spin (and had half of a Pretty Little Thing in her bag), yet I managed to not wear anything that I’d made. (I think our other compatriot, Toni, was also sans-handmade, but maybe she was just keeping it secret.)

If only I had finished my Bandelier socks. Sadly, I’m only this far finished with the first sock.

Bandelier in progress

I’m loving the way it’s working up so far. These are going to be the warmest socks ever. If you’re looking for a pair of nice, thick, and warm socks, give this pattern a looksee. This sock is actually moving along pretty quickly, but my time has been sucked away with obligations for work and a major work deadline bearing down on me (and, well, sledding and playing outside).

I still need a pair of mittens, darnit.


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