Sweaterday, missing a sweater

It’s Saturday. Which around here has lately been Sweaterday, the day I discuss the progress I’ve been making on projects related to my “knit six tops for myself in 2010” goal. And yet, I have no sweater to show you today. This is not because I have nothing to show. I finished my Petrie a week and a half ago. Real life and uncooperative weather have gotten in the way of taking finished object photos. And I haven’t started on another sweater, as I’ve got work projects that require my attention in the evenings.

I have, however, been working on a triangular shawl. I started my Haruni last weekend and am getting really close to finishing it now.


It’s a fast, easy knit, but I’m not in love with the “choose your own adventure” style of instructions. The charts are excellent, and I like that Emily Ross gives you options, but I think I prefer a little less prose and a little more “do this.”

Around here, the weather is trying to warm up overall (aside from this week, where the skies just dumped rain), so I’m turning my eye to some summery knits. What projects are coming up on your warm weather knitting radars?


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