Fuzzy animals make up for less content, right?

So as I predicted, real life and work have gotten in the way of being really productive, knitting wise, and I probably won’t have a lot to show for myself over the next few weeks. But I don’t want to skip out on posting, so maybe you’ll see a few random bits here and there—some weaving, some snippets of knitting, some random observations about crafting life in general. This post will fall under that last category.


Laura and I went down to Denver this past weekend for the Great Western Alpaca Show. We didn’t watch much of the showing itself, although we did arrive in time to hear the judges’ comments on the Costumed Alpacas. Woefully, I did not get a picture of that, but you’ll have to trust me when I say the alpaca dressed in 80s gear, replete with leg warmers, should have won the competition if it didn’t.

There were hundreds of alpaca. The signage claimed 1,100 alpacas, and I’d believe it. The alpaca pens went on for ages and almost every pen held adorable, fuzzy alpacas that wanted nothing to do with us for the most part. A few brave souls did respond to Laura’s attempts to befriend them, but for the most part, they were content to stick their heads in their feed bags and ignore us.

Your sweater has a flavor

Being the fiber enthusiasts that we are, Laura and I sought out the Fiber Fiesta on the second floor of the National Western center and boy was there a lot of yarn for sale. Our best find, though, was the Fiber Inspirations booth, in which everything except the hand-knit items were 30% off. We managed to show a lot of restraint, but I still walked away with 2 skeins of 100% alpaca yarn (I’m weaving a scarf with one of them) and a metric ton of fiber.

Alpaca yarn

Alpaca Fiber

Okay, so it’s really only supposed to be 6 oz of fiber (2 of each colorway; I have grand spinning dreams for someone who hasn’t spun much), but Laura also got fiber and hers came out closer to 4 oz when she weighed it at home, so I’m wondering if there isn’t more than 2 oz in each of those bags.

In conclusion,



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