Discoveries in the wilds of the internet

I think part of the reason the yarn-crafting community in general loves Ravelry is that it’s an easy way to keep in touch with The New in Crafting. I used to spend a good amount of time perusing the new patterns features, discovering new and new-to-me designers and the ways in which these folks were looking at knitting and crocheting and garment-construction. I’ve made new friends (and I even get to meet one of them in a few days when she comes into town for Estes Park Wool Market!) and thought about new techniques (backwards knitting, anyone?). So I thought today, being Sweaterday and a day on which I’m “supposed” to share something related to knitting with you, I’d talk about some recent discoveries I’ve made.

First up is The Sweatshop of Love, the brainchild of Allyson and her outlet for some super adorable patterns, particular this tank top:

Photo © Allyson Dykhuizen

If you don’t immediately want to stop what you’re doing and cast on for that tank top RIGHT NOW, well, you have more willpower than I do (I haven’t dropped what I’m doing and cast on for it yet, but I think that’s more of a lack of yarn thing than a willpower thing). I’m not going to lie: When I first saw this pattern come up in the Ravelry “new patterns” page, my knitting heart trilled at the idea of using entrelac as the “neckband” for a piece. What a clever way of combining the eye-catching entrelac with different colors and making a super sassy tank while you’re at it!

Meanwhile, the brain trust at Berroco is up to their usual shenanigans, churning out fabulous pattern after fabulous pattern. Just look at these!

Photo © Berroco Design

Photo © Berroco Design

Photo © Berroco Design

They are, respectively, Phinney, Baudelaire, and Fremont, and I love them all, as well as many other patterns from recent Berroco pattern books.

Now I just need time, yarn, and wrists of steel to make everything that’s caught my eye lately. I’m terrified to ask this, but what recent discoveries have you made?

P.S. — Don’t forget about World Wide Knit In Public week! It begins this Saturday, June 12, though I may get the party started a little early while my friend and I are out and about on Friday.


9 thoughts on “Discoveries in the wilds of the internet

    • Those Snake River socks are pretty cool!

      Haha I suppose I was looking at the model’s chest, but I have that kind of brain that was really looking at the entrelac and trying to figure out how the rest of the tank was picked up from the entrelac (or vice versa) rather than thinking I was looking at a person’s chest. But I do see what you mean. 😀

  1. So glad you like the Entrelac Top! Can’t wait to see your version of it. And I’m in love with that ruffled jacket. I’ll need mustard pants to match for sure!

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