My first sheep festival!


This weekend, while many people in the industry where ensconced in the wilds of TNNA, I spent many hours trying to stay dry while wandering around the muddy grounds of the Estes Park Wool Market. Before Saturday, I’d never been to a wool festival of any sort. There were sheep and goats and alpaca and llama and angora bunnis and paco-vicuña, which I don’t think I’d heard of before.

Angora goats


There were sheep-herding demonstrations on very muddy ground by incredibly intelligent and enthusiastic border collies.

Herding demo

And of course, yarn. There was lots of yarn.

Damage done

My friends almost handed their wallets over to the gals at Creatively Dyed, and I can’t really blame them. Me? I bought two shuttles for my loom. Yes, that is all I bought. In my defense, I had just shelled out an unexpected and somewhat exorbitant-to-my-delicate-sensibilities amount of money to fix my car the day before, so that I could drive myself and my friend Christy up the winding mountain roads in the rain. (And most of the yarn I was coveting can be purchased online at a later date, so I felt okay passing it up.)

Overall I had a good time, and it was a lovely kick off to World Wide Knit in Public week. I started the day by knitting at breakfast, and then I pulled out the knitting at that night’s roller derby match as well. And I’ve been knitting in coffee shops, but that’s not really unexpected from me. I’m hoping to get some public knitting accomplished at one of the local craft breweries this week. Have you been publicly knitting? And if so, where?


4 thoughts on “My first sheep festival!

    • My willpower was constantly reminded of the insane amount I just dumped into my car, which was “helpful.” 😉

    • I didn’t have a lot of cash on me, but many of the vendors did take credit cards. I just couldn’t quite justify spending more money on yarn I’m not going to get to any time soon after having my car fixed. 😦

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