Decisions, decisions

It’s been quiet around here. If you’re following me on Twitter, you may have seen my plea for cheering as I attempt to finish both a Print O’ The Wave stole as well as my Birthday blanket and I am so so so close on both. I’m almost half-way done with the knitted on edging for the stole, and I just have one more color and a few more rounds of crochet to do on the blanket, and they’ll be done. Now if only this thing called a “day job” didn’t get in the way of my finishing progress.

In the meantime, I’m plotting my next big adventure. Logic dictates that I should use yarn I have from my stash to make one of the next garments in my queue: I have the yarn and pattern for a Candy Stripe Jacket, an Elemental Boatneck, a Drops Jacket, or a Lucky Clover Lace Wrap (Rav link).

Logic be damned, I’ve been bewitched by this tank.

Again, if you follow my Twitter, you know that I’ve likely been incredibly annoying to dear Allyson over at The Sweatshop of Love, but I cannot stop thinking about this tank. So really, the decision now is do I order some Shine Sport yarn from KnitPicks, or see if maybe I can score some super sweet yarn on my upcoming trip? Souvenir yarn with an international “flair” + amazingly adorable pattern = recipe for sweet, sweet, knitting success.

If I go with the KnitPicks option… what colors do I use?!

I love this yellow

I like the idea of pairing it with this purple

But I also like these colors (not necessarily together, just in general)

Part of me wishes KnitPicks had a good grey color, because I do love a good “grellow” piece. But would that be too much like the original? Is that a bad thing?

Clearly, this is going to come down to a few scientific coin tosses.


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