And the winner is…

Sorry I’m a little late in posting the results, but lucky comment number 4 is the winner of the Sweatshop of Love pattern, which means that Sara/OneKnittyChick needs to email me!! (threadpanda at gmail dot com)

If Sara picks the Loop Entrelac Tank, I’m totally starting a knitalong in a few weeks.

Many, many thanks to those of you who entered. You all had some great ideas and now that I’m not going to flub up my tracking for the random number generator, I’ll go back and we can squee over awesome patterns and potential wearability together.

This weekend I’m hitting up a few yarn stores across state lines, as part of the 1st Annual Northern Colorado/Wyoming Yarn Crawl. Please pray for my bank account. What are you up to this weekend? May I suggest reading through some of Allyson’s blog entries? She’s an excellent writer with a fun and quirky eye to knitwear design (you know, just in case you hadn’t figured that out from her awesome patterns).


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