Back from Austin

So, I spent the last few days in Austin, Texas, visiting some knitter friends of mine (and making a couple of new ones, too).

There were delicious cupcakes:

Hey Cupcake trailer

Fabulous sandwiches (as seen on Food Networks “The Great Food Truck Race”):

Austin Daily Press

(I’m still totally drooling over the sandwich I had: Black Forest Ham, Colby Jack, and a spicy ranch dressing all piled together in a hot, pressed sandwich.)

There was knitted wall art (my friend Sarah’s Fiona All Grown Up (rav link):

Wall decor

And walls of yarn:

Wall of Cascade

There was also a TOTAL FAIL on the yarn diet, but check it:

Cascade 220 Superwash Sport

CASCADE 220 SUPERWASH SPORT. In my hands and my stash. I may have run around the store squeeing when I found it. I also snagged some Jaggerspun Zephyr.

Jaggerspun Zephyr

Hill Country Weavers is dangerous.

Inside Hill Country Weavers

While I was there, I was busy working away on my Loop Entrelac tank, that is until I ran out of yarn. So I started on my Leyburn socks, and I managed to finish one, even amazing myself by remembering how to do a tubular sewn bind-off and executing this for the first time ever while on a plane.

Leyburn Sock

And just in case you were curious, cats are apparently not immune to the powers of yarn fumes, either.


That was my Labor Day weekend. What did you get up to?


4 thoughts on “Back from Austin

  1. OMG! love the pic of you and the wall o’yarn… HEAVEN!

    so jealous but happy for you and the wonderful time you had in Austin… it’s a terrific town and I miss the many weekends I spent there with DH before we were married…

    and yes… kitties are not immune to the power of yarn fumes but you know all about Mal’s troubles there. ~.~

    • Vera really has it in for something about that particular yarn; I came home one day to see she’d pulled the sock out of the bag, along with a few other things. I’m not sure what it is.

      Jitterbug : Vera :: Squibbie Yarn : Dita.

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