Ice is still cold

So last October, at the beginning of my first real winter, I discovered that ice is cold and hand coverings are (theoretically) very good things. At that point, I shared with you all some fabulous mitten and glove patterns that I was coveting, and hatched this great idea to make some mittens for myself.

One year later and this panda still doesn’t have any mittens.

I could cite numerous reasons why this hasn’t happened, but who cares? Let’s just look at some more mitten patterns to hopefully spark my mitten-knitting mojo (keeping in mind the idea that I have to finish a cardigan for my mother in two months; totally doable).

All pattern links lead to Ravelry!

Odessa Riechel’s Cuckoo Mittens (free on are simply marvelous interpretations of a traditional grandfather clock worked in yarn.

Decadence, Pints, Cupcakes, oh my! Any discussion about colorwork mittens MUST include a discussion of the brilliant SpillyJane and her fabulous motif-riddled mittens.

These adorable Alice in Wonderland mittens are worth a trip down the rabbit hole.

Because we can can can have Moulin Rouge Mittens, complete with a gorgeous stranded mill and little can-can dancers.

These beautiful Holly Jean mittens are part of a larger pattern collection, full of hat and mitten sets, which is self-published by designer Mandy Powers.

Inspired by those cut-out snowflakes, Nanette Blanchard uses four colors to create these stunning Tijeras Mittens.

Neil Gaiman’s Coraline (and the movie of the same name) inspired these Coraline mittens. All that’s missing are some creepy button eyes, a la Other Mother.

I know I’ve said it before, but it holds true: so much to knit, so little time.


4 thoughts on “Ice is still cold

  1. Just so you know, if you make the Coraline ones, I cannot be considered responsible for what I might do in order to haz them.

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