“To the well-organized knitter, stash-busting is but the next great adventure.” Yeah, maybe I am re-reading all of the Harry Potter series, hoping to finish up before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one comes out. I’ve read the first two, and I still have a whole month to get through the next five. Totally doable.

Also totally not what I came here to write about. Sheesh. (Ironic that I’m posting about “organization” and the first paragraph is off-topic.)

There are about two and a half months left to this year. Two and a half months full of holidays and deadlines and visitations both near and far. Two and a half months of knitting projects to attempt to finish, if only for the personal satisfaction of saying “I did not allow these projects to languish into a new year.” (Not to say that I haven’t ever let projects languish; there has been languishing. In fact, some are still languishing. I just like to try to avoid that if I can.)

So I’ve done some organization, both mental and physical. Mentally, I have prepared a “to-do” list, which I will post now so that I don’t forget it. (All due dates are pretty arbitrary and totally made up.)

  • Finish Mom’s cardigan. Due before October 31. Progress: One sleeve finished, the other sleeve half-finished, progress photos need to be taken and uploaded.
  • Finish my Leyburn socks. Due before November 12. Progress: One sock finished, other sock started and a few inches into the foot (they’re toe-up).
  • Finish my Bandelier socks. Due before November 27. Progress: One sock finished.
  • Finish my Berkshire Dolman sweater. Due before December 15. Progress: I’d gotten about 40% of the way finished before I was paralyzed by the idea that it might be too small. So I started pulling it off the needles and frogging it, but I pulled it out again last night and tried it on. I’m thinking it will fit just fine. I’ve lost a bit of weight since I last tried on the sweater, and I’m using Cascade 220 which has a habit of growing on me (as in, becoming much larger in the washing and blocking phase). It is 220 Superwash, so it might not expand as much, but I’m thinking I’ll be fine.
  • Make a pair of mittens for myself. I have fallen in love with Elinor Brown’s Slanted Peerie Mittens from Interweave Knits Gifts 2010 and went stash diving to see if I had anything that would work. I totally do. Due before December 31.

This is all totally do-able. Totally.


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