The beginning of the end

I borrowed my friend Hermione’s* time turner and instead of sticking to my plan of finishing my mom’s cardigan first, I took my Leyburn socks with me to the first day of a two-day training session for work, and well, I kind of finished the second sock on the first day.

Why yes, this will be a post related to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1). I’m a huge fan of both the books and the movies, each for their own reasons. Both the books and the movies, as well as knitting, have been a huge part of many friendships.

I taught my friend Alli to knit, and one of the first things she set about doing was knitting small house scarves for stuffed animals. I think she’s knit at least one full-size scarf for herself, too. I knit a Hufflepuff scarf for my friend Nanci as part of her Halloween costume. I sat by my friend Sharon in work meetings while she knit a Dark Mark scarf for her husband.

I love when two things very dear to me, in this case Harry Potter and knitting, come together in harmonious and creative ways. I especially love that Hagrid knits, and that Dumbledore filches a knitting magazine from a Muggle house, because he enjoys reading the patterns. So in honor of the fact that in two weeks, I will be waiting in line with a few friends from my knitting group, eager and waiting to see a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Potter-themed projects.

Fawkes by Monkey Toes. I’ve knit these socks, though I don’t have FO photos of them and I gave them to my mom, because I was a silly Muggle who knit them too short for my feet. The pair pictured was knit by krafty1. I also knit Monkey Toes’ Bellatrix socks.

Another pair of socks, these are H. E. Wintermute’s Merope socks. I love the sinous traveling stitches, and the gently waving lace pattern along the sides.

Hermione’s Every Day Socks by Erica Lueder are sweet and simple and such a great pattern for a handpainted yarn.

Perfect for any little girl, Jacquelyn Landry’s That Weasley Girl was inspired by a sweater seen on Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

These last two are just so much fun. This adorable Harry Potter doll is just so cute and nicely done.

Not going to lie, I might have to make myself these Harry Potter ornaments for Christmas.

I’m debating buying a plain hanky and embroidering it, Harry Potter-style, before the movie. Because I have a serious feeling that I’m going to need it.

*Yeah, I might have gone off the deep end a bit.


4 thoughts on “The beginning of the end

  1. I packed a hankie. I will definitely be bringing it to the theater (if I can remember) and I’m pretty sure it won’t be enough. I’ll be sobbing into my Gryffindor tie, most likely. *sniff*

    Those ornaments are adorable! I vote that you should definitely make two sets. One for you, and one for me! 😉

    • Oooh tie as handkerchief, I like this plan.

      Oh gee, what a nice idea. 😉 Maybe next year I’ll have time to make that happen. :p

  2. Love all the Harry Potter goodness 🙂 I’ve been working on a few projects myself and am going to try my best to get the last 3 books read by movie time! Can I borrow your time turner? I seem to have lost mine…

    • I’m in Goblet of Fire! I’m hoping to be able to take some time for myself this weekend and next week and really churn through the books. I know I can read each one in a day or less, but that requires having a day to actually read. I wonder if I could call in “Harry Potter” to work.

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