Spotted at the Zoo…

A Cheetah!


Sorry, sorry. I’ve inflicted my love of bad puns onto the blog.

What I’m really here to show you is this little monkey.

Little Monkey

About a year ago I crocheted that little monkey hat for that little guy (I like to call him my psuedo-nephew). He just turned a year old a couple of weeks ago and I’m just now meeting him, and OH MY, what a cutie. He’s such a happy, smiley baby, and a terrible, terrible flirt.

His mother had posted something to Facebook about needing mittens for him, so of course I volunteered to knit them. I grabbed some yarn and some needles (though not enough needles, didn’t think about the DPN necessity), and whipped up some thumbless mittens (I argued that they were a design feature, as he wouldn’t be able to pull them off) for him while waiting for the plane to take off. They’re a little too small, but they’re so freaking cute! I’m thinking of starting a tradition of knitting him mittens every year for Christmas. This will probably die out as soon as his hands get big, but it would be a nice goal all the same.

I promise I’m not trying to figure out how to smuggle a baby on the plane. Nope. Wouldn’t dream of it.


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