Knitting Scholar

As part of my efforts to make NaBloPoMo actually happen here, I created a general outline and in some cases, assigned certain topics to certain days of the week. Wednesdays will always be Wordless Wednesdays, which is a general trend among the internet anyway. Fridays are for Friday Finds, which will hopefully continue after November is over. I’m hoping to dedicate Sundays to showing finished projects or works in progress. And Tuesday I had designated as Book Review Days.

The problem, though, is that I was out of town this weekend and haven’t had time to peruse my bookshelf and thoroughly review a book. But yesterday, I stumbled across a site that does this for me!

Knitting Scholar was started by Deb Boyken a little more than two years ago, and it’s a fairly robust site. The landing page shows a quick snippet of the most recently reviewed books in a clean and organized way. Clicking on the archives link takes you to a page where you can search by category, or scroll down a bit to see all of the reviews in reverse chronological order.

Each review begins with a general overview: author, publisher, genre. Then Deb gives an in-depth review of each book. These are well-written, clear, and kindly honest. She finds something positive to say about each book, but also shares what doesn’t work for her as a reader. Pattern and technique books include small photos of the books, but she also reviews knitting-themed memoirs and fiction.

So if you’re contemplating buying a particular knitting book, looking to fill out a Christmas wishlist, or just wondering what some people are saying about new knitting books, definitely look into Knitting Scholar!


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