Designer Profile: Tiny Owl Knits

It’s snowing today! The first snow of Fall, and I am kind of stupidly excited about it. Aside from the fact that snow is definitely a knitter-friendly occurrence, there’s still a magical aspect to snow for me. (Yes, I have only lived in a place where snow is a frequent happening for a year and I’ve yet to have to shovel snow, but whatever, I love it.)

Snow makes me think of wistfully sipping tea while sitting on a window seat, watching the flakes pile up against the glass; bright red cardinals silhouetted against dark branches and blindingly white skies; warm, cozy sweaters and colorful galoshes. In my mind, snow equals whimsy and joy, much like the designs that come from Stephanie Dosen of tiny owl knits.

All photos are the property of Stephanie Dosen/tiny owl knits

Her Where the Wild Things Are pullover was one of the first tiny owl projects that caught my eye. There’s little else more whimsical than a grown-up pullover based on a story in which a little boy ventures to a land of monsters to become their king. A separate pattern for a hat inspired by Max’s wolf costume soon followed.

All of Stephanie’s patterns give the feel of that air of delight, that child-like innocence which is missing from every day life. From a hat with tiny deer antlers to little felted gnomes that are both adorable and functional (they hide double-point needles!), and from intarsia fawns on ponchos to kittens on mittens, each time a tiny owl knits pattern hits Ravelry, I’m filled with happiness and mirth (and not a little bit of longing, too).

I’m really annoyed with myself for just now discovering the Parseltongue hat without enough time to knit one before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows next week.

(Well, I suppose there is time, but that would require me to drop a few other projects that are on deadlines.)

Just as charming is the staging and photography for every project. Set against a lush garden backdrop or inside with bewitching bits of fabric and lighting strewn about, each photo shows the project off to its best. They also document Stephanie’s own enchanting style and grace.

And not only is Stephanie an amazing designer, but in her other life, she’s a phenomenal singer. Her songs have appeared on Dawson’s Creek, and she sang with Massive Attack in 2008 before forming her own band, Snowbird. She’s also released two albums under her own name.

So far, Stephanie’s published more than 20 patterns under the tiny owl knits brand, each as charming and delightful as the next, all of them perfect for the next wild rumpus.


10 thoughts on “Designer Profile: Tiny Owl Knits

  1. Stephanie is amazing, talented, and one of the sweetest person I’ve had the privilege to know through Ravelry! I was so surprised that the singer and designer were one in the same! I’m so glad that so many knitters can enjoy both her vocal and knitting talents…

    • Thank YOU for being so amazing! I mentioned my post in the Unicorns Unlimited group on Ravelry, and there was a whole lot of fangirling going on. 🙂 I hope your move went well!

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