Designer Profile: Jeannie Cartmel

It’s no secret that I love socks, right? Before I started knitting socks, I had quite the collection of seemingly wacky store-bought socks. What’s most amazing about this is that I used to hate wearing things on my feet—shoes, socks, flip flops, whatever, just let me go barefoot. I’ve changed my stance on this quite a bit since moving to Colorado and learning to knit, obviously.

Around the time that I first started knitting socks, I noticed a new sock designer sharing designs frequently in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. Jeannie Cartmel’s sock designs are eye-catching and entrancing, eliciting reactions that range from “oooh neat” to “how the heck did she do that?”

Jeannie’s Magic Mirror socks are one of her earliest designs. I love the twisted stitch ribbing as it snakes across the foot, and that the symmetry carries across the feet. Thus began my fascination with seeing what would come next from this up-and-coming designer.

Split Cells, Twisted Arrow, Within X

Twisted stitches are a main focal point for most of Jeannie’s designs, adding the pop of a twisted stitch to the overall motif.

Tangled Woods




Most recently, Jeannie’s published Snakes, an exploration in serpentine twisted stitch motifs, and Pirate Danger, a clever take on the traditional skull and cross bones.

Pirate Danger

Luckily for sock knitters every where, Jeannie’s designing more socks than ever this year, as part of the 52 Pair Plunge; a quick look at her Ravelry projects page gives sneak peeks at what could be upcoming designs from this talented and prolific sock designer.


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