Giving more than thanks

I hope everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving today is having a wonderful day. While today is a day for giving thanks for the people in our lives and what things we might have that enrich our lives in whatever way, today should also be a day to think about people who could maybe use a little more than gratitude.

I truly believe in trying to give back as much as possible, and I don’t necessarily mean monetarily (though that is probably the easiest way, if one’s checkbook is agreeable). One of the things I really am truly thankful for is to be a part of a community of crafters who do what they can to give back to those suffering setbacks. Earlier this year, when an enormous earthquake struck off the coast of Haiti and demolished many structures on that island, an overwhelming number of designers on Ravelry pledged to give a portion—in some instances, all—of their pattern-sale proceeds to Doctors Without Borders and other organizations working to help the people of Haiti begin to recover from this event.

While I don’t want to distract anyone too long from their family time (okay, for most of us, it’s really eating time), I wanted to thank all of you for stopping by and reading my blog and commenting and becoming part of my internet family. And while we’re here, being thankful, I’ve got a few links to share, in case the spirit of giving thanks and giving back are strong with you today.

A young girl named Taylor has organized the Tête-à-Tête organization to knit hats that will be donated to chemotherapy patients, hospitalized infants and children, and others who are in need of head coverings. I know there are many groups like this, but I’m incredibly proud of this young lady for organizing this on her own.

Through the rest of 2010, 10% of the proceeds of Ashley Knowlton’s Neolithic shawl are going to Doctors Without Borders. This is a beautiful shawl, with contrasting yarn for part of the body, would also make an excellent holiday gift.

Lion Brand has a list full of charity knitting groups on their website.

There’s even a Ravelry group devoted to charity knitting.

This adorable children’s cardigan pattern, called Hearts for Haiti donates 50% of proceeds to helping provide relief to Haiti. As of this publication, there’s no time limit for purchasing noted.

Rosemary Hill’s Brandywine Shawl is another pattern for sale, and more than 75% of the proceeds are being sent to Doctors Without Borders. Rosemary’s even been updating the pattern page with the total amount donated, and as of Monday, she’d sent over $15,000 to the organization.


4 thoughts on “Giving more than thanks

  1. The knitting community is not always so great, but most of the time it is! I love it how we can all use our skills to help others. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (Germany) but that doesn’t mean one can’t be thankful every day for hands that are able to knit, head that is creative and will come up with pretty patterns, and money that allows one to buy yarn.

    • I think that’s the key, that we shouldn’t only give thanks and give back on one day a year. (This is also my gripe with Valentine’s Day.)

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