Organization revisitation

About a month ago, I shared a list of knitted items I had hoped to finish by the end of the year. Let’s revisit this list:

  • Finish Mom’s cardigan. Due before October 31. Progress: One sleeve finished, the other sleeve half-finished, progress photos need to be taken and uploaded. SHAZAMISH. (reminder: waiting for my mom to try this on)


  • Finish my Leyburn socks. Due before November 12. Progress: One sock finished, other sock started and a few inches into the foot (they’re toe-up). BAZINGA.


  • Finish my Bandelier socks. Due before November 27. Progress: One sock finished. BAM.
    No photos yet, still weaving in all the ends, but I hope to do that and block them today and share finished object photos with you tomorrow.

  • Finish my Berkshire Dolman sweater. Due before December 15. Progress: Reworked part of the body to make it a bit longer, and now I’ve started on the upper front or back section.
  • Make a pair of mittens for myself. I have fallen in love with Elinor Brown’s Slanted Peerie Mittens from Interweave Knits Gifts 2010 and went stash diving to see if I had anything that would work. I totally do. Due before December 31.

So things are moving along, on time and maybe even a little bit early. And now I need to add a couple of things.

  • Mittens for the little Ian monkey. Due December 15. Also need to weave a couple of scarves for his parents.
  • A crafty project for two different swap partners; due January 15.
  • Pair of woolen socks for my Aunt Katherine.
  • Hat for my friend Shannon, who sent me yarn (MALABRIGO) to knit her a hat. No real due date, but we picked out an easy hat pattern so it shouldn’t take me too long.

Since at least a couple of those involve weaving, and the mittens are going to be small, and the socks can be a heavier weight yarn, and I’ve already knit the hat pattern once before, I’m thinking these additions will all be fairly easy.

OH if I save the socks for January, that can count for the first of my 12 pairs in 12 months goals. Look—multitasking!


2 thoughts on “Organization revisitation

    • Well a lot of these were already in progress when I made that list. Like I’d already knit one of the Leyburn socks, and one of the Bandelier socks, and I was already in the middle of my mom’s cardigan. So it’s really easy to finish things when you’ve already started them. 😀


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