Friday Finds

Lots of holiday knitting and pattern sales in the knitting internet world this week! Now that lots of people are buckling down and planning for Christmas, I’d like to suggest that if you aren’t willing or able to make all of your gifts by hand, check out some of the local holiday craft fairs in your area! I’ll be checking out the Holiday Handmade Fair this weekend in Denver. Lots of vendors, an amazing variety, and almost everything is local to Colorado and hand made. This is a great way to find perfect, creative gifts for everyone on your list, as well as supporting the independent and local arts movements.

  • Crocheted Pirate Ship = AWESOME.

  • Terri Shea’s poor little kitten needed some serious medical attention, so to help offset the costs, she designed these Kitty Selbu mittens. As an animal lover in general, and a cat lover in particular, who has been blessed with a relatively healthy if egotistical furry monster, I just wanted to share these adorable mittens, with their hearts and little kittens parading around the cuff.

  • The knitting clock is a really interesting idea: Instead of measuring time in the numbers we’re all familiar with, this clock measures time in knit stitches! Maybe not the best idea for anyone who’s used to be very punctual.

  • I mentioned pattern sales earlier, and here are just a few of my favorite designers who are currently offering sales on their patterns.
    –Allyson at the Sweatshop of Love is offering 30% off all of her patterns until Sunday, December 5. What a great time to pick up that Loop Entrelac Tank, so you can make it for next summer!
    –A fellow colorwork enthusiast, Elinor at Exercise before Knitting is running a buy 2, get one free deal on all of her patterns through December 31. Join me in the colorwork craziness! You know you want to.
    –The Knitting Kninja, aka Kristen, is offering 20% off all of her patterns, including the brand new, STUNNING Rosa shawlette.

    Ysolda is offering 20% off her Estella hat pattern. I didn’t see a deadline there, but snap it up while the getting is good and maybe you, too, will get snow. (It’s unlikely that the weather is directly correlated to the amount of knitwear; somedays I wish it was.)

  • Your moment of zen: Two Women Knitting by William Dyce. I’d like to be knitting there.


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