Man, I <3 my mom

My relationship with my mom is not one of those “my mom is my best friend” kind of thing, though we are pretty close and I miss her a whole lot, being halfway across the country from her. (I love my dad and my brother very much, too, but they’re not really a part of this post.) So when she told me she was going to mail me some crafting supplies she’d found in a closet, I was really curious as to what she might have found. She had said there was some yarn, and some books, but I had no idea what was waiting for me.

Epic awesomeness, that’s what.


Everything in this box is from the 70s (well, minus my college alumni newsletter and a card from my mom). EVERYTHING. The yarn, the books, the third of a ripple blanket…


I’ve never heard of this kind of yarn! Apparently my mom was making Christmas-themed placemats?


I’m actually pretty excited about this ripple blanket. I love greens, and the yarn is a pretty nice acrylic. Now I just have to figure out what size hook she might have been using to try and match her gauge.

The books!


I really love this pattern, from the Needlecraft book.


And some of the patterns are just not my style, but still a source of, uhm, inspiration?


If nothing else, it’s nice to have this tie to my mom, and to have this evidence that she, too, has her crafty side, even if it was abandoned long ago for whatever reason.


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