Friday Finds

Another Friday, another collection of crafting finds! Just a heads up, given the holiday hullabaloo and the influx of family, there may not be a Friday Finds for the next couple of weeks. So this is an excellent time to email me with any news you might want featured in the new year!

  • The gals at Kelbourne Woolens have a book coming out soonish! Vintage Modern Knits has a preview page on Ravelry and everything there looks absolutely fantastic. Of course, the socks are the first thing that caught my mind.

  • Another new pattern in the ShibuiKnits Heichi line, Vortex looks sublimely simple, yet still very attractive.

  • Sweet little stars with great shaping techniques! I want to hang these all over my apartment.

  • Like knitting socks and baking cookies? Cookie A’s 2011 Sock and Cookie Club combines those to things in a magical, magical way. Too bad I’m trying to save money and lose weight.
  • Your moment of zen: Cranberry Capelet by Thea Colman )


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