Rocky start

So my 12 pairs of socks plan has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start. Yesterday I went to wind the yarn for my first pair of socks, the Wishbone socks (because my counting was also suffering when I figured out that no. 4 on my list was Wishbone, not Nutkin…). I went to go wind the yarn and twenty seconds in, it looked something like this.


Seriously, one of the most poorly wound skeins I’ve ever encountered. (and whoa, my craft room is a mess.)

My plan now is to see if one of my knitting circle friends would like to take a stab at untangling that beast and winding it by hand—some of them really enjoy that sort of thing. My contingency plan is to re-run the number generator and just pick a different pair of socks for January, and then either go back to the Wishbone socks once a friend has had a chance to wind the yarn, or with a new skein of yarn.

Fiddlesticks. How are your 2011 knitting projects going, three days in?


8 thoughts on “Rocky start

  1. I can’t see a picture? Sorry to hear you’ve already come across a hurdle though.

    My knitting? Not happened yet this year. I’ve either slept, or done housework, mostly lol. I know, so exciting. *sigh*

  2. My 2011 knitting has gone great, mostly because I spent all of January 1st and most of January 2nd watching Dr. Who and True Blood with Sarah, and Ceci and Ana for a bit. And then I went to Adri’s and knit while I chatted with her! I knocked out at least a foot, and I think a bit more, of my Lace Ribbon Scarf, and did a sock heel flap. Woohoo! We now return to our regularly scheduled general lack of knitting progress.

    • That’s handy! I actually didn’t knit much over the holidays. I think I needed a break. Are you digging the Lace Ribbon Scarf now, or are you still frustrated with it’s slantiness?

      • (Weeks later, when I remember to check back through the comments)
        Yes, I’m liking it better now, because I have memorized the pattern. It’s still wonky, but not having to carry the chart around (it’s really pretty easy to memorize after a few repeats) has led to much quicker progress, which is always good!

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