A quandary about socks

I’m working away merrily on my Spiral Boot Socks—so much so that I have forgotten time and again to take a progress photo to share with you (sorry about that). But I have a quandary, and it’s really all my fault.

I made the most elementary of blunders—I forgot to check my yardage. Yeah. I know.

The pattern calls for somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 yds of DK weight yarn. I have two skeins of my Berroco Comfort DK, which puts me around 350 yds. So my options are:

• carry on, maybe shortening the leg a bit so that they’re more mid-calf socks rather than knee socks. Not really my preference, but it’s a possibility.
• carry on and work a few rows of ribbing just before I run out of a skein, effectively making these Spiral Boot Legwarmers instead of socks. I’m actually really okay with this plan as I do “need” legwarmers.
• suck it up and buy one more skein of yarn (this eventuality is covered in my stash-busting plan, though should really be avoided because I shouldn’t be such an idiot). I’ve only found this color online in one place, though, and it would cost twice as much to ship the yarn to me as it would for the skein itself.

Knitters: What would you do?


6 thoughts on “A quandary about socks

  1. Ordinarily I would buy the extra skein and complete the socks. However, given the shipping $ issue, I would probably go ahead and do legwarmers since the yarn is DK anyway, it is Winter, and you could use a pair of legwarmers.

  2. I would make shorter socks, because I like short socks anyway. But I think you should make legwarmers, because you wanted these to be long and you want some legwarmers anyway.

    • Well, when I’m going for knee-length socks, yeah they’re going to be longer. 😀 And now I’m wondering if I’d have to rip out and start over if I make them shorter, since the calf part fits beautifully, if I do say so myself. I neglected to think about that when I came up with this alternate plan.

      Not having a good thinking year so far! Feh.

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