Overbooked and a little burnt out

I had a realization this morning. I have too many projects on my knitting plate at the moment. There’s the pair of socks for the month. Then there’s two projects that I can’t really talk about at the moment. And I really should be knitting a project for a swap, but I haven’t even figured out what that’s going to be yet. I take part of that back, I totally just figured out what I’m going to make for my swap project, I just need to make it.

Honestly? That’s not a lot for me. But it’s a mountain of projects for a me who is slightly burnt out on life. Holidays and lots of busy time. Returning to work after 10 days off, maybe two of which felt like a restoration period, thanks to the aforementioned holidays and busy time. Busily trying to finish up a variety of projects right before the holiday. And (this is painful to admit) I’m kind of burnt out on knitting.

I do this. I go through phases. Last year it involved a lot of crochet squares and a blanket in July. I don’t have any crochet projects on the back burner right now, nor do I particularly want to start any at the moment. I just need to push through and persevere.

Any of you been in this situation before? Tips for getting over the hurdles?


4 thoughts on “Overbooked and a little burnt out

  1. Yes, totally. I don’t know about getting through it. I usually take a break for a while, and the itch’ll come back again. Granted, this last time the burn out was more due to being depressed and a lack of desire to do anything, and it’s only just returned to me two years later, but…

    • Oh dear. You returned, though! That’s excellent. 😀 I’m just pushing through and making things happen. It’s not quite as relaxing as it usually is, but with good tv on the computer or DVD player, I am at least getting something done.

  2. Yes, what naelany said. I occasionally take knitting breaks that last from a week to a month-ish. Sometimes I crochet, sometimes I just don’t do anything much fiber-related.

    I know you have to keep at some projects for work, but can you put the personal stuff on hold for a week or two? You can get back to the socks later!

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