That’s me—knitting slacker. Still haven’t quite gotten my mojo back yet, but I did have a breakthrough with one of my projects, so at least I feel a little more motivated to work on it. And I finished one of my Spiral Boot Legwarmers, I just keep forgetting to photograph it when there’s light out. Hopefully I’ll remember this weekend.

But let’s talk about people who aren’t slackers. People like my friend Theresa, who was given my name as part of a swap in one of our Ravelry groups, and who put together an amazing hand-made package. Allow me to brag.


Hand-made pot holders. As someone who is discovering a new level of cooking joy (hampered only by my budget and my kitchen, curses), I love collecting kitchen accoutrements, and pot holders/trivets are always handy. These? These are awesome.


She also cross-stitched for me! I grew up cross-stitching (no really; depending on your point of view, I was either the coolest or the lamest kid on the block) and I love “subversive” cross-stitching, and I’m debating the merits of hanging this up in my office once it’s framed.


She also knit me a hat! This is the Champagne Fizz hat, and it’s hilarious because another friend of ours and I have an inside joke surrounding pompoms, and the fact that I would never, ever, ever, want to make any.

But quite possibly my favorite thing in the whole package is this wonder:


Theresa called this my “hobo pillow” and explained that in hobo pictography (I may have just invented that term, not sure), a cat drawn on the side of a house indicated to other hobos that a kind lady (and ostensibly, one who would be sympathetic to hobos) lived in that house. Awww.


The fact that it’s a doppel-catter for the Vera-monster only makes me love it more.

Thanks again, Theresa! You’re the best!


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