Friday Finds

Happy Friday, one and all! This is the last Friday in the month of January, and 2011 has been off to a wonderful knitty start. πŸ˜€

  • This is such a fun story. A 14-year old girl is knitting her way to Europe. Wish I could do that!
  • History, knitting, and chemistry, how cool is that? In the 1880s, a Scottish professor at Edinburgh University built a molecular model of salt out of knitting needles and wool. (link discovered via Ashley :D)

  • Maybe it’s just my current flirtation with steampunk literature, but the sweet Aethercopter shawl by Jocelyn Tunney is stunning in its simplicity.

  • Not only does Rebecca Danger have the best name ever (for real!), she also has a book. A big book. A Big Book of Knitted Monsters. It’s so stinking cute! I’m a fan of Cecil the Computer Monster myself.

  • New Tiny Owl Knits pattern: Free Rapunzel!. Super cute!

  • SpillyJane also has a new pattern, and this one is free! The Camilla Mittens are beautiful examples of a minimalist approach to stranded colorwork.

  • Your moment of zen: Elephant and Ladybug by Ala Ela.


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    • I had a similar reaction when I saw it on the Tiny Owl Knits forum, but it’s still super cute! That’s part of the reason I was happy to include an actual free pattern, in the form of SpillyJane’s mittens. πŸ˜€

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