Friday Finds

Happy Friday! I’m so happy that this is a three-day weekend, as I have Monday off from work in honor of President’s Day. Tomorrow there’s going to be some zoo adventures, but hopefully there will be time for lots of knitting over the weekend!

  • Alex over at Dull Roar has posted a new hat pattern and it’s super cute! Plus, she lets us know that signing up for her mailing list can equal free patterns in the future. Win/win, my friends.
  • Knit the City has struck again, this time creating a lover-ly yarn bomb for Piccadilly Circus, London.
  • Ariane of Falling Stitches has a new pattern, called Villeray. It’s a beautiful lacy scarf, perfect for chilly spring mornings!

  • This Chunky Cabled Cowl is a new, and FREE, Sweatshop of Love pattern from She-Who-Does-Not-Knit-Socks (aka, Allyson). If you don’t follow either of us on Twitter (@threadpanda and @sweatshopoflove, respectively), you totally missed out on my sock-themed love songs earlier this week that were dedicated to She-Who-Called-Me-a-Weirdo (I’m just running with this, now, because it makes me laugh).

  • Don’t cross the streams! NEVER CROSS THE STREAMS! The Proton Stream Convergence beret by Gillian Kratzer takes it’s naming inspiration from the classic film Ghostbusters, and looks good while doing so.

  • Your moment of zen: Involute by Lana Holden

  • 4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

      • Now I have an image of you knitting fiendishly while some big hulking dude with a gun is standing over you yelling “MY FEET ARE COLD.” I’m amused.


    1. Stop posting cute things that I want to make!!!

      Okay, not really.

      But if you could swing a way for me to have more time to make all the cute things you post…that would be acceptable.

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