Friday Finds

February and I are on the outs, so I’m super glad that this is the last Friday in this annoying month. It’s so short! Why does it have to be such a pain, overall?! There were good moments, to be sure—here’s looking at you, biscuits and zoo day—but I am looking forward to March.

  • Oranje, a new free pattern from Ann Weaver and Knitty, is a beautiful blend of BRIGHT EYE-CATCHING ORANGE and a modern, streamlined colorwork yoke. Brilliant.

  • Another great colorwork yoke pattern comes from Kathryn Ashley-Wright and her Linnea Pullover, with a Bohus-inspired repeat around the neckline.

  • I know knitting dominates this blog, but I do like to crochet now and then. If you’ve been interested in learning to crochet, FigKnits has started a crochet primer series that is totally worth checking out.
  • Oooh this beautiful Belfast Hoodie comes from the brain trust at Quince and Co and Carrie Bostick Hoge. Comfy and cozy with cute welting details on the yoke, hood, and pockets? Yes, please.

  • Your moment of zen: Jaali by Kitman Figueroa. One of my favorite stitch patterns in shawl form. Yum.


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. February is my least favorite month. It’s cold and annoying and the holidays don’t matter because you don’t get them off anyway. I’m happy to be leaving it behind me, too!

  2. I adore your friday finds. They are just always so pretty & cute and fun. I love that shawl, I hadn’t seen it before. I love the belfast hoodie too but I don’t know how the buttons will translate with my larger bustline.

    • Aww, thanks! I am positively drooling over that shawl and want to buy the pattern and cast on NOW but I have so much other stuff to do first.

      About the Belfast Hoodie, what if you put added buttons down the whole front? Then it wouldn’t gape as much?

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