In like a lion

It’s March, people, and March around these parts is a pretty spiffy month. For one thing, it’s the third month of the 12 pairs of socks challenge, and this month’s pattern is Farnkrautsocken. This is exciting, because I had slated to use my Coldharbour Mill Yarn from England for this project, so yay souvenir yarn!

March is also exciting because it’s my blogaversary! This month marks two years since I started carving out this little space on the internet, and I’ve been so blessed to gather a little group of blog followers and make some new friends along the way. As a thank you to folks who have been around for a while, and anyone new who comes by during the month, I’ll be holding a couple of contests here on the blog. The first one starts today! If you aren’t already following me on Twitter, add me now (@threadpanda), and then leave a comment letting me know. If you already follow me on Twitter, get someone else to follow me (they have to notify me of the referral either by commenting here or in a mention on Twitter), and you’ll be entered to win as well!


One skein Fiesta Baby Boom in the colorway Malibu (unfortunately, this is one of their smaller skeins, as they’ve since rebranded and started producing larger skeins of this yarn)

Manos del Uruguay
One skein Manos del Uruguay Wool Clàsica

Two skeins Elizabeth Austen Wool of the Andes

Two skeins Wisdom Yarns Poems

Leave your comments (and be sure to include your Twitter username) on this post and this post only to be eligible! I’ll use a handy dandy random number generator on Saturday, March 5 to draw names and randomly assign yarn to folks, and contact winners via Twitter. 😀


10 thoughts on “In like a lion

  1. Woot! Already following you, so RT’ed you, bb. Awesomeness abounds. Can’t wait to see the socks you’re talking about, btw.

    Happy Blogaversary!

    • Thank you! And yeah, I still need to wind the yarn for the socks. I was going to do that last night, but I decided to lay on my couch and drink wine while watching Dr. Who instead. >.>

      • Watching Dr. Who is always an acceptable way to spend an evening. I hope you get past Broody Nine soon. It’s good to watch that season, but I like Ten and Eleven so much better!

        • I actually don’t mind Nine too much. He makes me laugh.

          Netflix is still all “Very Long Wait” for the first disc of season 2, and then “short wait” for the second disc. Okay I just checked the library and there’s only one person in front of me on the holds list (all four copies are checked out at the moment, but they’re all due back fairly soon), so I think I’ll delete them from Netflix.

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