Friday Finds

Here we are, the first Friday Finds of March! I have some tentative plans in the works for this weekend, hopefully with lots of knitting to show you all over next week!

Don’t forget, the first contest of the blogaversary is still going on! If you’ve started following me on Twitter recently (@threadpanda), be sure to leave a comment. And if you’ve started following me based on someone’s recommendation, let me know that too!

  • Out of Cheese by MMario is a beautiful circular shawl, and even better, it’s free!

  • March is National Crochet Month, so I’m going to make more of an effort to include some crochet news in the Friday Finds (I don’t try not to, I just get easily distracted by knits). The Florencia Lace Shawlette by Andrea Graciarena is a gorgeous crochet shawl with a flouncy border. So pretty!

  • Reiko Kuwamura has a fabulous garter-stitch hat pattern, and HOW. Quite the lovely little hat for a cool spring evening, yes? Yes.

  • Derya at Laylock has posted another free, knitterly-themed print for you to print out and frame, then hang in your house (it shows up with the background of my blog here, so I bet you can print it out on a lightly-colored paper if that’s your preference). I love it. Sign up for her email list to be the first to find out about her free tutorials and knit-themed images!

  • Lily Go’s Narnia Shawl is a gorgeous amalgamation of twisted stitch and lace work. And the edges remind me of bats, and I love bats, so there.

  • Berroco has what appears to be a new yarn, called Flicker—a chain-plied worsted weight alpaca-blend yarn (and it seems to have a little bit of sparkle, too!). They’ve got some new patterns using this yarn available as a free eBook, including this lovely cardigan, Taina, and a crocheted cowl, called Loken.


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. love the crocheted shawl, and the Narnia & circular ones as well. *adds to queue*

    I love reading your Friday Finds. Always find something spiffy 🙂

  2. That garter stitch hat is CUTE! Great round up, as usual.

    And I didn’t even know it was national crochet month, but I started an afghan yesterday! Must have known it in my heart all along.

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