More blogaversary loving!

I feel like a hobbit, giving out gifts for my blogaversary, but I like it. So there.

Many of you know about my little girlcrush on Allyson over at The Sweatshop of Love. Not only is she a talented designer who takes a classic idea and flips it around to make something new, like the Two Boyfriends Cardigan and the Granny Bomber Jacket…

All photos © Allyson Dykhuizen/the Sweatshop of Love

She’s wickedly inventive and clever and has a vendetta out against Dove Promises and sock-knitting and is just a lovely person all around (yes, even with the sock knitting thing).

I asked Allyson if I could buy a copy of her Hello Winter! eBook collection, and she said no. Instead, she donated a copy to be delivered electronically to one lucky winner.

Come on now. How can you not love this girl a little bit more than you already did?

I’m lucky to have “met” Allyson via the intertubes, and one of you will be lucky to win a copy of her Hello Winter! eBook, and all you have to do is leave a comment here, telling me which of the eight patterns in the book would likely be first on your needles. You have until 12:00 MST Sunday, March 13 to leave a comment and be entered for the drawing. And go add The Sweatshop of Love to your feed readers, and @sweatshopoflove on Twitter, you won’t regret it (unless you have a particular affinity for the “promises” inside Dove chocolate wraps).


32 thoughts on “More blogaversary loving!

  1. I would love to make the Two Boyfriends cardi. I have been looking everywhere for a great cardi pattern and I am in love with this one. I, too, have a bit of a crush on Allyson. She is very sweet. I made one of her free patterns and decided what I made in my etsy store, so I emailed her about it and she was too nice. I also just adore the hat pattern! I have been making hats like crazy here. So, yeah, it’s hard to decide what to make, but I think the cardigan. Thanks for the contest!

  2. I want to make Melvie for myself, and would be what I’d cast on first, but the kids, I think would want the sheep mittens.

  3. I love her too. Inappropriately. But don’t enter me into the contest because I don’t have time to put the book to good use right now. I love the Melvie dress! Hello, booty.

    • I’ll leave you out if you want, but you don’t have to use the book right away! That’s very sweet of you. 😀

  4. Oh man, I think I would have to go with the Madison Cowl/Mittens set. I have had such a crush on cowls this winter and I still have some lovely handspun that’s crying out for a cowl pattern that will let the yarn shine. (handspun can be self-centered like that)

    So glad Allyson linked to your blog, you defiantly have a new reader!

    • Oooh I’d love to see these in handspun! And yay, welcome to the blog! I’m happy to have new friends to get to know. 😀

  5. I have to go a little different and say the McCarren Park Cap. I have been sort of stalking it online having met this designer via Twitter…and I just love to make hats. Count me in for this contest, pretty please!

  6. AHHH
    I would LOVE to knit the Sheep Mitts!!
    Or the Two Boyfriends Cardigan!!

  7. I would love to make the cardigan been debating on buying the pattern but I’ve never made a sweater so I’m scared. I must admit to my Allyson crush too. I stalk her blog and twitter(shhh don’t tell). I must admit to being a little jealous but also glad to know I’m not alone in my obession with everything sweatshop of love.

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