Ugh. Nothing like getting a sock past the heel only to realize that it’s not going to work at all.


Maybe “not at all” is an overstatement, as I clearly made it past the heel, but it’s not looking good, people. The pattern is not exactly clear as to how many stitches one should have past the ankle—it says to work 60 stitches for the foot, which I was down with, and then it says to work 32 stitches for the heel flap, and that’s less clear (I was working 30 stitches for the top and 30 stitches for the sole… where are those magical 2 extra stitches supposed to come from?). And the lace pattern instructions aren’t entirely intuitive, or at least not to this panda (nor were they completely clear to my friend, so it wasn’t just me).


Not enough stitches, too tight around the ankle, and I want to make the pattern continuous around the foot, instead of with the stockinette strips that are apparently supposed to be in the leg, but no photos of this exist in the pattern, which would have eliminated some of my confusion, meant that all of my knitting so far was ripped back to the toe. I would have just ripped to right before the heel, but I think I need to increase some stitches there anyway, AND the yarnovers, in a super lacy pattern every other row, were more than my poor, cold-medicine-addled brain really wanted to deal with.

It’s a fast pattern and I’m fairly certain I can make up a lot of time, but still. Ugh. I hope your weekend knitting is going better than mine! Re-start a sock, work 2 more inches of seed stitch on a baby jacket, re-working a cowl pattern, all while doped up on meds. Swell.


8 thoughts on “FROGkrautsocken

  1. Boooooo that sucks, I’m sorry! Can you wait a few days ’til the cold clears up and you’re off the medicine before getting back into the tricksy stuff?

    • It’s not even that tricksy, it’s just poorly written (at least, to my standards; and a few other folks on Ravelry have mentioned trouble with understanding what the pattern was asking, so I don’t think it’s just me). Most of my projects are just stockinette or seed stitch, nothing too terrible there. Sigh.

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